SexDeathRebirth Gospel Project

by Joan Pope



This album contains some of my vocal tracks that you may sample.

**By using these samples you agree to:**

1. Credit me as "Joan Pope" and mention that your track is part of the "Sexdeathrebirth Gospel Project" Also include a link to my bandcamp, and my website

2. Release the track for free. If you want to use it for an album that you are selling, please contact me through bandcamp or through my website first.

3. Send me the track! I want to hear your creation!


These vocals are excerpts from my book Death is Coming. They are free to download and use, but if you'd like to support my work, please consider buying the book or purchasing some of my music. I look forward to hearing your tracks!


released March 23, 2018

excerpts from my book Death is Coming


all rights reserved



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The Whip Angels project is on hiatus, I may still upload some remixes as Pope Joan II. Check out my new project, Temple ov Saturn.

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Track Name: A Means To Communicate
A means to communicate
That which cannot be spoken
Track Name: Allow Yourself
Allow yourself to hear the vision
Read the soul
Follow the words through
To what you already know
But cannot express
Find the knowledge of death and sex
Track Name: As Man Becomes Aware
As man becomes aware of heaven and hell
The eternal mystery of the burning sun
Solves itself within him
During the dark night
He awakens
To the intensity of sexual love and attraction
Track Name: Creation is A Matter of Speaking
Creation is a matter of speaking the universal language.
Track Name: Filthy Violent Rotation
With that filthy violent rotation of force and motion.
Track Name: God is For Sale
God is for sale, and remains on sale, until we stop buying into him.
Track Name: Material Excess
Material excess means nothing to spiritual flesh
Mortal bodies search for meaning
By degrading everything the touch for profit
Track Name: The Only Possibility
The only possibility of knowing god
Lives in a rare moment of deep connection
When we catch the soul of another at just the right angle
That the light finally hits us
Then we begin to see
What was there all a long
There is nothing to say that will give you this sight
But when the rare moment comes
Remember the words that have no sounds
The Words that hold all meaning
It is the intimate communication
The will bring about transformation
Lock eyes when you release
In silence, repeat after me
Track Name: The Oral Tradition
The oral tradition is what keeps us alive
Because spoken words are living beings
Coming forth from our breath
Gods at the tips of our tongues
Learning to speak it
Causes you to become divine
Track Name: The Real Revolution
The real revolution starts from within
And completes itself in total communion
Overcoming the boundaries between us
Revealing the sacred to be a shared experience
Reminiscent of a past we can't remember
But we know exists
Track Name: What Comes Next
What comes next
After God
After Death
Track Name: You Will Only Find Living Words Here
You will only find living words here
Vital speech about inner life
A penetrating voice coming from the inside
Coming inside

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